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Global Business Administration

A Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Administration equips students with comprehensive knowledge in international business strategies,cross-cultural management, global marketing, and Global Supply Chain Management, preparing them for managerial roles in a global business environment.

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Post Graduate Diploma

Course Duration

24 Months



The Global Business Management programme allows you to prepare for a wide variety of business management careers and gives you the time to decide which is best for you. The core curriculum covers the major functional areas of business and develops the qualities that every business wants in their managers: leadership, communications, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, strategic planning and much more. In our increasingly connected world, a global career mindset coupled with business management skills can open doors to a range of unique career opportunities both domestically and abroad. Explore international perspectives on a variety of topics and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective leader in any business environment.


  • Provides holistic learning experience by giving insights to solve complex global business challenges.
  • Facilitates deep understanding of business strategy,ethics and preparing learners to lead in diverse and dynamic global organizations.
  • Prepare learners to thrive in diverse business environments and contribute to the global economy.