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Family Managed Business

A Post Graduate Diploma in Family Managed Business focuses on developing skills in Family Business Governance, Succession Planning, Strategic Management, and Leadership to enable individuals to effectively manage and grow their family-owned enterprises.

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Post Graduate Diploma

Course Duration

12 Months



Post Graduate Diploma in Family Managed Business has evolved and designed a programme that would help aspiring Family Business and Entrepreneurs create and develop their new-age leaders who have the skill sets and competencies required to navigate a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and disruptive environment. It Will focus on building capabilities in decision making and strategies in various aspects of business. The programme will present both a conceptual as well as a practical, hands-on framework for managing family business organisations. The programme will provide an opportunity for participants to assess their current businesses and identify strengths, opportunities, threats, and areas for improvement to help grow family legacy businesses as well as build new businesses.


  • The programme equips learners with advanced knowledge and skills in leadership and strategic management.
  • Foster deep understanding of best practices and innovative strategies to family-managed businesses.
  • Empower learners to preserve legacies,enhance competitiveness and successfully transition leadership across generations.