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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

A Post Graduate Diploma in Business Logistics and Supply Chain Management equips students with expertise in Inventory Management, Transportation, Warehousing, and Strategic Sourcing, enabling them to optimize supply chain operations and enhance organizational efficiency.

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Post Graduate Diploma

Course Duration

24 Months



Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme provides an opportunity to acquire professional competencies in materials management and logistics, leading to an improvement in their job skills and self-enrichment. The programme further examines different Supply Chain Management strategies and methods of forecasting demand, aggregate planning and network design. The programme begins by laying the ground work for a comprehensive understanding of what Supply Chain Management is and how it can be effectively used to increase an organisation's efficiency and profitability.

Helps to develop critical thinking,decision-making skills and problem solving abilities.

Enables to analyze,design and optimize the supply chain operations effectively.

It will prepare learners for career advancement opportunities within logistics and supply chain industry,by providing a strong academic foundation and practical insights.