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Retail Management

A Post Graduate Diploma course in Retail Management provides specialized training in Retail Management, Merchandising, Consumer Behavior, and Store Operations, equipping individuals with the skills to excel in the dynamic retail industry.

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Post Graduate Diploma

Course Duration

12 Months



Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management covers a range of retail and distribution channels issues like service operations, consumer behaviour, sales and marketing management, brand management and supply chain issues related to the business. With an emphasis on retail management and marketing topics, this programme explores key developments and trends in this area.This course focuses on the fundamentals of retail management and marketing practices.


  • Equip learners with the knowledge and skills in retail management,enabling them to excel in the dynamic and competitive retail industry.
  • Empower learners with the tools and insights required to advance their careers in retail management.
  • Through the comprehensive curriculum,the programme is designed to provide learners with valuable expertise in retail management while balancing their career commitments.